The Rental Pay, Inc.
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What's offered...

The Rental Pay, Inc. has created a property mangement site with the latest of technologies. Since you are representing The Rental Pay, Inc. as your preferred platform for rent collection we want to make sure that you have something amazing for your clients to arrive at.

Use The Rental Pay, Inc. for rent collection and we will provide you with a free website hosted on our fast and secure servers.

**No monthly fees, no yearly fees.
Technical support included at no extra cost to you.

The Choices...

Easily modify your site; multiple color options, custom cms.

Click on the link below for a demo of the free site.

SEO marketing
from The Rental Pay, Inc.

A map to success, free marketing money for you...

All you have to do is have tenants use the system. The Rental Pay, Inc. charges .5% as an application fee to use the system. The Rental Pay, Inc. will take 10% of the application fee that we receive from your tenants and apply it to SEO advertising for your business.

Need a customized site that goes beyond the free site? You may also apply the credit toward having us build you a customized solution.

the amount of money is based on the amount that you have go through the platform.

What's included

The first month starts with on-page SEO including google analytics, google and bing webmaster tools, sitemap, title, description, social media setup and more...

Months that follow include, press releases, video creation, social media interaction, content creation, blog commenting, article directory posting, and more...

We do all white hat SEO ensuring that there is no de-indexing. We help with organic search results, google places, local and nationwide SEO.

Private blog networks

We offer some of the best SEO in the industry. We often do this is through private blog networks. We can set up your own private blog network or you can gain quality backlinks from our already existing network.

Building blocks to success
from The Rental Pay, Inc.

Free package combination

We offer all of the above once you have started using The Rental Pay, Inc.

Your free site and free marketing begins as soon as your tenants start paying their rent using The Rental Pay, Inc. payment platform.

The more tenants using the platform to pay their rent the more advertising money you receive.

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