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About The Rental Pay, Inc.

The Rental Pay, Inc. is a company that has looked at every angle for cloud based rental payment solutions for property management companies.

The Rental Pay, Inc. has developed this platform to save time and money for both property management companies and renters. We wanted something that was easy to use without any hidden costs or hidden amounts. We wanted it to include all forms of payment to keep up with our ever changing generation of technology.

With this in mind, we have combined e-check, debit, and credit card payments into one flat rate. Payments can be processed by mobile app, text messaging and the website. Payments are easily made with the system and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Life has become fast-paced and we live in a world where the phone and computer remind us what to do. We offer another way to remind us to make sure that our rent is paid on time.

We have contacted property management companies and asked what they would like to see available in a system and have designed it accordingly with their feedback. Although the programming portion is done on our end, it is the property management companies and renters who have helped us build the framework.

The Rental Pay, Inc. team all have extensive backgrounds and degrees in computer science (specifically programming). We are constantly learning and seeking knowledge to make sure we are current with the latest information in our business.

We are the developers, which means, that when property management personnel or renters need help they will always be talking with developers who have specifically designed the system.

We appreciate feedback on the system. Our goal is to make sure that your experience at The Rental Pay, Inc. is one of a kind!

Michael Fortier/Owner
The Rental Pay, Inc.